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Meet our new minty tab

by Bump Plus on Apr 05, 2024

Meet our new minty tab

Say hello to your new minty friend.

We love the amazing benefits of choline and B vitamins. We have sourced the highest quality and most active forms for our formulation, and have included the high doses your body needs during this important time of life. Unfortunately, along with the benefits comes a natural strong earthy scent that can be a little tricky to enjoy.

We hear you! We want to make your supplement taking experience as fresh and positive as possible!

We REFUSE to compromise the quality of our product by reducing doses, changing forms or adding artificial masking agents or fragrances to the capsules that your body (and your baby) don’t need.

Enter our food-grade silicone insert infused with peppermint essential oil!

Pop it in your bottle to give your multivitamins a fresh scent.

This little baby allows us to improve your supplement experience without adding anything nasty to the capsule itself!

Finished your bottle? You can reuse the tab! Think of it as a little mini, natural air freshener. Pop it in your knickers drawer, your fridge, another supplement bottle, linen cupboard, handbag, car glovebox… the options are endless to spread that fresh, fresh scent.

Enjoy! x